Terms & Conditions

General – Role and responsibility of Travelvava.com

The User acknowledges that Travelvava.com merely acts as a facilitator to enable the User to book a flight tickets, hotels, tour packages, Bus, Cab, Cruise, Chartered Flight, Helicopter, Train Tickets or any other services provided in the Portal.   The contract of service for utilization of the services is always between the User and the concerned providers as per their booking, amending, cancellation, refund, usage policies applicable and as may be amended by the concerned Service Providers from time to time.



The airline tickets available through the Website are subject to the terms & conditions of the concerned airline, including but not limited to tariff, schedules, reschedule flight times, route, change or cancel flights or itineraries, without prior intimation to Travelvava.com or the User.  Airlines have own fare/differential fare, code share arrangement with other airlines, baggage allowance, cancellation, rescheduling and refund policies and  the User is expected to check these with respective airlines. Travelvava.com has no control or authority over the logistics of the airlines, and therefore, is not liable for any loss, direct or incidental, that a User may incur due to such change or cancellation of a flight.


Pricing :  The total price displayed on the Website on the payment page usually includes base fare, applicable government taxes and convenience fee. Users are required to pay the entire amount prior to the confirmation of their booking(s), failing which the booking may not go through. User agrees to pay all statutory taxes, surcharges and fees, as applicable on the date of travel. 


To avail infant fares, the age of the child must be under 24 months throughout the entire itinerary. This includes both onward and return journeys. If the infant is 24 months or above on the return journey, User will be required to make a separate booking using a child fare. Any infants or children must be accompanied by an adult as per the terms of the airlines.


Check-In Terms :  The User should check with the airlines directly regarding the check-in timings. Usually, check-in begins 2 hours before departure for domestic flights, and 3 hours before departure for international flights.  User should carry valid identification proofs, passport, age proofs as may be required to prove the identity, nationality and age of the passengers travelling on a ticket, including infants.

Use of Flight Segments  : In the event User does not perform the onward journey, the entire PNR pertaining to that booking shall be automatically cancelled by the airline. In such a scenario Travelvava.com has no control in the said process nor will be obligated to provide alternate bookings to the User. The cancellation penalty in such an event shall be as per the applicable airline rules.


Cancellation and Refund

·     All cancellations made directly with the airline need to be intimated to Travelvava.com, in order to initiate the process of refund.  The processing time for refunds may vary depending on the mode of payment, bank etc.  Refunds shall be as per the airline fare rules and cancellation policy. Such refunds shall be subject to Travelvava.com receiving the same from the airlines and our service charge for cancellation process.  However, the convenience fee paid to Travelvava.com paid at the time of booking is a non-refundable fee. 

·       The refund will be credited to the same account or credit/debit card from which the payment was made.

·       In the event of cancellation and refund of partially utilized tickets, upfront discount and promo code discount availed at the time of booking would be deducted from the refund amount.



Charter facility means and include booking or hiring of an entire jet/aircraft/helicopter as available with the Charter Company.   The Charter facility booked through the Website is subject to the terms & conditions of the concerned Charter Company, including but not limited to fare, schedule, cancellation and refund policies and is subject to events like bad weather conditions, lockdown, operational requirements or if there is any unforeseen technical/mechanical snags.  An alternate charter is subject to availability and is the sole prerogative of the Charter Company of which Travelvava.com has no control. Any difference in the fare will be payable basis the fare existing at time of rescheduling the charter flight.


Facilities On Board - Carry-on luggage/Baggage allowance, boarding & lodging facilities, number of passenger, food etc are as per the terms of the charter Company and Travelvava.com has no role to play in the same.



·      All the information pertaining to the hotel including the category of the hotel, images, room type, amenities and facilities available at the hotel, admission rights, are as per the information provided by the hotel to Travelvava.com.  This information is for reference only and any discrepancy that may exist between the Website pictures and actual settings of the hotel shall be raised by the User with the hotel directly, and shall be resolved between the User and hotel. Travelvava.com will have no responsibility in that process of resolution, and shall not take any liability for such discrepancies.

·       The hotel booking voucher which we issue to a User is solely based on the information provided or updated by the hotel. In no circumstances can Travelvava.com be held liable for failure on the part of a hotel to accommodate the User with a confirmed booking, the standard of service or any insufficiency in the services, or any other service related issues at the hotel. The liability of Travelvava.com in case of denial of check-in by a hotel for any reason what-so-ever including over-booking, system or technical errors, or unavailability of rooms etc, will be limited to either providing a similar alternate accommodation at the discretion of Travelvava.com (subject to availability at that time), or refunding the booking amount (to the extent paid) to the User. Any other service related issues should be directly resolved by the User with the hotel.

·       Unmarried or unrelated couples or couple not carrying relevant identity proofs may not be allowed to check-in by some hotels as per their policies and we will not be responsible for this.  No refund would be applicable in case the hotel denies check-in under such circumstances.

Responsibilities of the User

·       Check-in time, check-out time, and any changes in those timings, will be as per hotel policy & terms. Early check-in or late check-out request is subject to availability and the hotel may charge an additional fee for providing such services.  The primary guest must be at least 18 years old to be able to check into the hotel.

·       User should pay directly to the hotel for any additional services utilized, including laundry, room service, internet, telephone, extra food, drinks, beverages etc. 

·       The User would be liable to make good any damage(s) caused by any act of him/her/or their accompanying guests (willful/negligent) to the property of the hotel in any manner whatsoever as determined by the concerned hotel. Travelvava.com would not, in any way, intervene in these issues.

·       Hotel charges include the hotel reservation tariff, taxes, service fees as may be charged on behalf of the actual service provider, and any additional booking fee or convenience fee charged by Travelvava.com.

·       If a User has any questions about the fees or any exchange rate applied, they may contact their bank or the card issuing company through which payment was made.

·      Some hotels may require User to present a credit card or cash deposit upon check-in to cover additional expenses that may be incurred during their stay. Such deposit is unrelated to any payment received by Travelvava.com and solely at the behest of the Hotel.

4   BUS

Travelvava.com only provides a technology platform that connects intending travelers with bus operators and it doesn’t act as an agent of bus operator, operate any bus or offer the service of transportation to the User. The bus ticket booking voucher which Travelvava.com issues to a User is solely based on the information provided or updated by the bus operator regarding the seat availability.  The amenities, services, routes, fares, schedule, boarding point, bus type, seat availability and any other details pertaining to the bus service are provided by the respective bus operator and Travelvava.com has no control over such information provided by the bus operator and not be responsible for the operations of the bus operator


Cancellation of Ticket  : Can be done either through the User’s login in the Travelvava.com’s Website or mobile application, or by calling on the customer care number and any cancellation is subject to such cancellation charges as mentioned on the ticket.



·       Travelvava.com gives no warranty or assurance in regard to requisite licenses, approvals, insurance and permits which the Cab Operator is supposed to obtain from appropriate authorities and shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for any claims with respect to the trip including without limitation, claims pertaining to timeliness, safety, continuity, uninterrupted travel, condition of vehicle or driving skill, behavior of the cab driver, cancellation of the trip by the Cab Operator due to any reason whatsoever, loss of baggage, stolen or damaged, the User waiting at the wrong boarding point, etc. In case of break down or accident and Cab Operator could not make alternative arrangement, Travelvava.com may provide proportionate refund for uncovered distance. Any claims, liabilities or legal costs arising out of such event shall be borne by the Cab Operator.

·       Any booking is subject to applicable cancellation policy set out on the booking page or as communicated to the User(s).

·       Not included expenses like toll charges, permit charges, parking charges, entry fees, Service Tax & any other Government Tax, are to be borne by the User and paid directly to the driver. 

·       The cost estimate cost provided at the time of booking is indicative (unless specified) and the final amount will be calculated based on actual usage (number of Kilometers and hours). Distance and time are calculated from garage to garage and not from the pick-up of the User for both within city and outside city trips.

Responsibilities of the Users

·       User shall board the Cab on or within such time as informed at the time of booking or provided in the booking voucher and in case of failure, the Cab Operator will have the liberty to cancel the booking without informing the User and forfeiture of the total booking amount without any refund rights.

·       Once a Trip is booked by User, changes in departure time, boarding or dropping points are not permitted.   User shall stop and take breaks at specified places only and avoid taking additional breaks except in case of emergency.  User shall be responsible and liable for their own safety and security of luggage.

·       In the event of any dissatisfaction with any of the services provided by the Cab Operator, the matter must be reported directly to Cab Operator or Travelvava.com, in order that appropriate action may be taken to remedy the problem.

·       The booking made by the User should be strictly for personal tourism purposes only.

·       Prior to commencement of trip, check and agree with Cab Operator on dimension/weight of the luggage that can be accommodated in the boot space of the Cab and check the start time and the reading on the odometer at the start of the trip.  Disputes regarding the same will not be acceptable after completion of journey.

·       The User Shall Not: ask the Cab Operator to violate any traffic/police/govt rules, coerce to overload the boot space with luggage, use the services for any unlawful or illegal acts, insist on disembarking at any place other than the drop point provided at the time of booking, board the Cab under intoxication or under influence of any drug or similar abusive substances.


Travelvava.com or its Agents acts as a facilitator for booking of train tickets and provides intending travelers merely with a platform to search for desired train tickets to be booked through IRCTC. All bookings or train reservations made through Travelvava.com are subject to the applicable Terms & Conditions as set out by Indian Railways including booking flow, scheduling/re-scheduling, cancellations, confirmation from RAC to confirmed, birth allotment, delays, meal and berth preferences or any other lack or deficiency of services.


At the stage of booking of e-tickets, customers will be automatically diverted to www.irctc.co.in Website/app to input their IRCTC login credentials. Only passengers with a confirmed e-ticket are permitted to board the train. Passengers are required to carry valid ID Proofs at the time of travel or boarding the train.


Payments for Bookings & Cancellations

·       Travelvava.com’s service charges are non-refundable.  Bookings can only be cancelled through the app or the Website; offline cancellations are not permitted.

·       The bookings made on Travelvava.com’s site are subject to cancellation policy and charges levied by the Indian Railways which may depend on the cancellation time and booking quota (tatkal/ general/ladies/premium etc).   Railways automatically cancel the fully waitlisted e-tickets after chart preparation. The refund in such cases gets automatically credited to your bank account used for booking such tickets after deduction of Travelvava.com’s charges.   

·       Railways may offer special concessions/discounts for senior citizens, female passengers and children and customers are advised to check latest railways policies for applicable discounts.



·       Booking of Individual and Group Tours, Customized Tours, Corporate Tour, Inbound and Outbound any independent service through Sales Channels or Online through Website/ mobile app.

·       Communication with the Guest  : Any communication by Travelvava.com will be made through e-mail, WhatsApp, sms, telecall etc. on the registered legitimate contact details provided on the booking form and shall be deemed to have been communicated to and received by the guest.

·       Physical and Mental Fitness: When the guest books the tour or when someone else books the tour for him/her, then it implies that the guest is physically and mentally fit to travel to that particular destination. Guest to take care of his/her health throughout the tour and carry the required medication if any with doctor’s prescription. Travelvava.com reserves the right to decline the booking or discontinue the guest from the tour if guest is found unfit to travel or his medical condition is causing inconvenience to fellow travelers. Any expenses due to health issues arising on tour shall be entirely borne by the guest and we shall not be held responsible in any manner whatsoever. 

·       Mandatory Health Requirement: Guests must abide by the mandatory health and or vaccination requirements for travel to the destination as per prevalent country/state/local requirements or regulations including periodical amendments thereto and should carry original proof. 

·       Travel During Pregnancy : Travelvava.com does not recommend travel during pregnancy. The Company does not provide any specialized facilities and/or treatments required for childbirth, prenatal, or early infant care on tour.

·      The tour price printed/advertised/quoted to the guests is dynamic. A guest booking the tour early is likely to get the lowest price as communicated/offered by the Company, subject to availability of seats, ticket fare, etc  and a guest booking the tour at the last minute may pay high prices or vice versa.  Hence it is  obvious that guests travelling on a same group tour are likely to have paid different tour prices. The Company will not entertain any claim whatsoever on account of the same. 

·    The Company reserves the right to alter or amend the price published on the Website/brochure/proposal in case of increase in taxes, fuel charge, visa fee, unprecedented foreign exchange fluctuation etc, which will have to be borne by the guest and to be paid before the departure. 

·     If the guest has booked the tour online, the guest needs to reconfirm and authenticate the information provided at the time of online booking. Company reserves the right, to cancel the booking and forfeit the amount paid in case of any misleading information provided by the guest. 

·     As per payment guidelines stated on tour price must be paid in full, 45 days before the tour departure; in case if tour is booked within 45 days of the departure date, guests must make full payment of the tour price at the time of booking itself. For any reason if the registration amount is not paid in full at the time of booking, guest will ensure that the balance registration amount is paid within 3 days of booking; else booking stands cancelled. Travelvava.com reserves the right to cancel the booking, forfeit the amount paid as advance and impose cancellation charges in case of non-payment of full tour price 45 days prior to the tour departure date or as may be modified. 


·    For Customized Holidays, full payment towards the air ticket and minimum 20% payment towards land package is to be paid for confirming the booking. We reserve the right to cancel your booking without notice if the payment is not cleared by the timeline. 

·     All monies paid by the guest to Travelvava.com will be the property of Travelvava.com and payable to our Suppliers/Contractors/Associates for pre-blocking/pre-booking and providing the services along with operational costs of the company. Guests agree and acknowledge that such monies will not be held by Travelvava.com on behalf of the guest.

General Inclusions in Group Tour (GIT) : User should read the inclusions, exclusions and terms and conditions applicable to the tour as these may vary

·      It is the responsibility of the guest to submit all documents required for the application of the visa well in advance to Travelvava.com. Guests must take a note that even if they have booked or submitted their visa documents sufficiently well in advance, few Consulates have restrictions on how early a visa can be applied/processed before the tour departure date. Due to the high demand at the Consulates or Embassies, visa processing time may be longer than expected. Sometimes even if we submit the documents well in advance, visas may get delayed and may not be received before the departure of the tour, in such case if guest cannot join the tour, then cancellation charges as per Cancellation Policy will apply. 

·      Any hike in visa fee/VFS charge/service charge in between the tour launch and visa application date, must be borne by the guest. 

·      Due to any reason whatsoever, sometimes we may need to apply for an additional visa other than the visa(s) which are already included in the tour price. In such case guests will have to bear the additional visa cost. 

Travel Insurance:

·      All the guests travelling within India or overseas must possess Travel Insurance. For international tours, overseas travel insurance normally is included in the tour price for the eligible age category and has a limited cover. Guests who wish to upgrade their travel insurance for more/higher coverage, can do so by paying an additional premium. In case of any incident leading to insurance claim, it is mandatory for the guest to intimate the Insurance Company and Travelvava.com within 24 hours.

·      Overseas travel insurance policy is at the sole discretion of the respective insurance company. Travelvava.com is just a facilitator who does not have any control over their operations or the claim process or grant or rejection thereof. Guests will have to directly communicate with the insurance company and provide necessary documents asked for the claim settlement.

Foreign Nationals or Non-Resident Indians (NRIs):

·      Foreign nationals as well as Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) should possess valid visa for the required number of days of the tour and should carry all the relevant documents including but not limited to passport, visa, insurance copy, OCI/PIO card (if applicable) etc. along with them on tour. Incomplete or missing documents may lead to denial of entry and guests will have to discontinue the tour and return on their own and Travelvava.com shall not be  responsible or liable for any consequences or expenses thereof.

·      Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by parent/s or an adult who shall be responsible for their welfare and supervision or should have a written consent letter from the parent/s to join the tour. It is the responsibility of the guest to take care of their accompanied minors throughout the tour and they should be always aware about their whereabouts. 


·      Holding a valid visa only allows a guest to enter the respective country’s immigration point at the sole discretion of the immigration authority of that country.  If any guest is denied entry for any reason at the immigration point, or deported at guest’s own risk and expenditure, the guest may miss out on the tour program and will not be eligible for any refunds and compensations from Travelvava.com.

Tour Itinerary

·    Travelvava.com tries its level best to operate the tour as per the original tour itinerary and the itinerary given at the time of booking or mentioned on the Website/brochure is based on the information available at that time and is subject to change depending on various factors such as state or country regulations/airline/cruise/rail/road transport/hotel/sightseeing, etc.

·      Travelvava.com reserves the right to change/alter/amend the itinerary before the tour departure or while on tour. The information about the same will be conveyed to the guests via email/sms/call or by the Tour Manager while on tour. 

·     Changes in the original tour itinerary can be caused by Force Majeure events, weather conditions, traffic problems, cancellation or re-routing or overbooking of flights, closure of hotel, closure of entry of a sightseeing attraction etc. This unforeseen situation may attract additional charges which have to be borne by the guest.


Any mishap on tour may result in change of itinerary. 

·   In any booked tour/package/service which include helicopter, seaplane, cruise, ferry etc. would be subject to availability/weather conditions/local body permissions/any other statutory requirements. Travelvava.com is not responsible for any operational deficiency under any circumstances whatsoever. Under unavoidable circumstances, Travelvava.com reserves the right to use alternate product/service/sightseeing etc. instead of the one advertised or published. In either case, the company shall not be liable for any damage, additional expense, or consequential loss suffered by the guest/s.

·       Post Tour Holiday request is subject to availability and in case the requested package is not available then guest will have to choose from the alternate options. 

·       It is the responsibility of the guest to re-confirm their return air ticket and flight schedule 24 hours prior to the departure.



·    Travelvava.com’s group tours are inclusive of air tickets. Some category of tours may exclude air tickets. For air-inclusive group tours, the blocking of seats is done well in advance by Travelvava.com, sometimes even a year before the tour departure date by paying advance/deposit to the airline. Actual ticketing of the group happens prior to the departure as per the airline ticketing policy. Any increase in airfare, taxes, fuel surcharges, airport development fee etc. in between the tour launch date and departure date will have to be borne by the guests and to be paid before the tour departure. 

·    When guest books Travelvava.com’s air-inclusive tour/FIT package or an air ticket, it is understood that they have accepted the Airline’s Terms & Conditions of travel, baggage, meals, services etc. as well as applicable national/international laws governing air transportation like DGCA, IATA, PATA etc. In case of discontinuation of airline service or change in airline route, flight schedule, flight delays etc. any additional expense incurred for continuation of the tour will have to be borne by the guests.

·    Guest has to take utmost precaution while filling and verifying their booking form for details like correct name-spelling, age, birth date, contact details, passport number, date and place of passport issue etc. Name should always be as per the passport for international tours and as per the Aadhar card for domestic tours. Incorrect details may lead to name correction (if time permits), denial of boarding, deportation, cancellation of the tour etc. Guests will have to bear the consequences, losses or additional expenses and Travelvava.com is not responsible or liable for the same. 

·    When guests book individual air ticket with Travelvava.com, they must ensure that they do not hold any other air ticket with same or different airline for the same date, as it may lead to the auto cancellation of the air ticket and guest will have to bear the consequences arising due to the same.

Airline Credit Points: Guests who wish to use their air miles, frequent flyer points, credit points etc. for their tour are advised to book the tour as joining leaving (J/L) or Ex destination guest and reserve their individual tickets to avail the facility.  Guests will have to communicate directly with the airline/s for their frequent flyer miles. Travelvava.com will assist the guests if needed.


In-flight Meals : is at the discretion of the respective airline and Travelvava.com is not responsible for any unavailability of requested meal type/ quantity and quality of the in-flight meal.


Airport Service: Guests who wish to avail special services like wheel chair, lounge facility, attendant, Pranaam Guest Services etc may pre book with the airports. These facilities are subject to availability.

Baggage and Belongings : Guests are advised to travel light, not to carry any valuables on tour and take utmost care of their baggage and belongings at all times, should not carry any banned items and are solely responsible for its safety and Travelvava.com shall in no way be accountable for the same. It is advisable to use digital payment systems like forex cards, credit cards, mobile payments, e-wallets etc. on tour. In case of any loss/theft/damage/accident, it is the sole responsibility of the guest to file a complaint with the concerned authorities and follow up.

Road Travel on Tour

·    For tours, A/c, Non A/c type and variety of vehicles suitable to the group are used as per the itinerary. These are meant to be used for road journey and sightseeing as per the tour itinerary and are not at the disposal of any individual or group of guests.  Guests to be punctual and abide by the day’s schedule and complete the sightseeing/program as per the itinerary. In case if any guest does not report to the coach at the given time, the coach will proceed to the next point/destination in the program and the guest will have to join the group at the next point/destination on their own expenses. No refund for any part of the trip if any guest missed any sightseeing due to unforeseen circumstances like demonstrations on road, landslides, road closures, traffic jams etc.

·    In case of a failure of a vehicle mid-way we will try to find a feasible solution at the earliest. Travelvava.com is not responsible for such mechanical failure and is not liable for any compensation.

Cruises and Rail

·    Travelvava.com offers exclusive cruise tours as well as a few tours where single or multi-night cruises are part of the itinerary. Cruise inclusive tour prices are based on inside state room/port-hole/ocean view cabins as mentioned in the itinerary. Any upgradation may be available at an additional cost subject to availability. Shore excursions apart from the ones included in the tour or optional facilities on the cruise, can be availed by paying an additional charge to the cruise company by the guest.  It is guest’s responsibility to be on time as the cruise cannot wait for anyone and in case if any guest misses the cruise, he/she will have to report to the next ‘port of call’ of the cruise or next destination of the tour themselves at their own expense. Individual guests travelling on Customized Holiday package, should be aware of the statutory tipping policy of the cruise and pay accordingly.

·    Few tours have rail journey as a part of their itinerary. Generally, air conditioned chair car or sleeper birth is reserved for day or night journey respectively. Any upgradation in rail class is possible subject to availability at an additional cost. 

·    It is guest’s responsibility to be on time & not to miss the train as guests themselves will have to bear the cost and face the consequences in case of missing of a train.


Cancellation and Refund Policy

·    For any tour or package the services are booked or blocked several months in advance, cancellation of such services earmarked for a particular departure results in forfeiture of money depending upon the time of cancellation of services with the supplier. Therefore, any cancellation of the tour/service booked, will attract cancellation charges as specified hereinafter. Your tour also includes third party product or service like airline, cruise, railway, transport, hotel, restaurant, caterer, sightseeing company etc., the Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy of such third party would be applicable in addition to Travelvava.com’s Cancellation Policy and Terms and Conditions. 

·    The request for cancellation of any service/tour has to be submitted in writing, clearly stating the reason for cancellation via email to Travelvava.com at our official mail ID from guest’s registered email ID. Once the booking is cancelled, it cannot be reinstated. Any reversal/re-booking will be treated as fresh booking and additional charges may apply.

·    All guests expressly agree to the foregoing policy and terms.


Cancellation done by/ for/ due to: 

 i.     Guest cancels the tour due to any personal reason such as non sanction of leave, exam postponement, illness, family emergency etc. which leads to cancellation of their tour/ package.  Date of the cancellation request email sent by the guest (unless decision withheld or changed), will be considered as the date of cancellation and the cancellation charge will be applicable accordingly.  

ii.     Travelvava.com is compelled to postpone/reschedule the tour under force majeure situation or due to uncontrollable factors at the destination, natural calamity, epidemic, terrorist activities, political unrest, curfews, etc  however guest/s do not wish to continue and cancel the tour:

a.    Under any such force majeure situation/uncontrollable factors, no refund - fully or partially will be applicable and guests will be required to choose the next possible future date of the same tour. If there is any price difference for the future tour, guests will have to pay the same before the tour departure.

b.    To reschedule the tour in force majeure situation/ uncontrollable factors, Travelvava.com will send the request to all the concerned associates like airlines, hoteliers, transporters etc. for their cooperation and assistance in postponement of the services. In case these associates are not in a position to consider the request, then actual cancellation charges may apply.

c.    If guest wants to change the destination, then decision will depend on the cooperation of the associates like airlines, hoteliers, transporters etc. Such a decision will require time and will be given as early as possible. If the selected tour’s price is more, then guest will have to pay the difference before the tour departure. In case the tour price is less, then the remaining amount will be kept in a credit shell with Travelvava.com. No refund is applicable for the credit shell.

iii)  Guest cancels the tour due to non-acceptance of change in itinerary/service:

a)  For the betterment of the itinerary or under unforeseen situation, Travelvava.com reserves the right to add/delete/exchange the sightseeing place/s or any other service and on this ground guest will not be able to withdraw from the tour. 

b)  In this case if the additional sightseeing or service requires extra charge then it will have to be paid by the guest. 

c)  If any guest is not willing to accept the said change, then guest will have to cancel the tour and cancellation charges as per the Cancellation Policy will be applicable.

iv) Deemed Cancellation - Guest’s booking stands cancelled due to visa rejection/delay. Visa rejection date will be considered as the date of cancellation and the   cancellation charge will be applicable accordingly.

a.    In case of ‘group booking’, if visa of an individual in a group is rejected or delayed and the rest of the group cancels the tour then cancellation charges as   mentioned in the Cancellation Policy shall be applicable to the entire group.

b.    Due to any incorrect details, if the immigration office does not allow the guest to leave or enter the country, then Travelvava.com will not be responsible for any refund/losses/consequences.

c.    If any guest fails to join the tour on day one, it is termed as ‘No Show’ and will be treated as deemed cancellation and no refund will be applicable.

d.    If Guest discontinues/ terminates the tour for any personal reason, it is termed as deemed cancellation and no refund will be Single guest should ideally book on speciality tours such as Women's Special/ Seniors Special/ Adventure Special etc., where Travelvava.com guarantees a room partner and guest saves on the single occupancy charge.

v)    Cancellation of the tour by Travelvava.com:

a.    Travelvava.com reserves the right to cancel any group tour/package due to any operational reason or inadequate participation of the guests required to operate a group tour. In such case, cancellation of tour shall be communicated to the guest on their registered email/telephone/sms.

b.    The amount paid by the guest will be refunded within 10 working days of cancellation of the tour.

c.    Travelvava.com will not be liable to pay any interest on the tour amount paid by the guest.

d.    Travelvava.com owes no responsibility for any additional expense related to any other arrangements made by the guest on their own. 

e.    A guest willing to take any other tour can do so in consultation with the respective Travel Advisor. Excess/short payment, if any for the new tour will be refunded/ collected, to/from the guest.


Right of Admission and Termination:

·    Travelvava.com reserves the right to deny any booking or cancel the accepted booking of any guest without divulging any reason or giving any justification. 

·    Travelvava.com reserves the right to terminate the tour of any guest while on tour if the guest does not follow the group tour decorum or misbehaves/ create nuisance to the co-passengers/Tour Manager/coach captain/local citizens/officials etc. Under such circumstance guest will have to make arrangements for their return travel on their own and no refund is applicable. 

Transfer of Tour:

·    If guests wish to transfer their original tour to a new tour for any reason, then such transfer is treated as cancellation of the original tour and hence a fresh booking of the new tour has to be made. Cancellation charges will apply on the net tour price of the original tour. For the new tour, prevailing tour price and discounts will be applicable. 

·    If guests wish to transfer the tour, they will have to communicate in writing to the Travel Advisor. Such requests will be accepted subject to availability. 


Merging of Tours: Travelvava.com reserves the right to merge two or multiple tours when there is inadequate participation of the guests in a single tour or for any operational reason. Seat allocation in the coach will happen as per the booking date priority of the merged tours. 



·      Travelvava.com reserves the right to determine the quantum of refund payable to the guest in case of cancellation, transfer or amendment of the tour. Refund is calculated on the basis of various factors such as the cancellation date, reduction in tour capacity, contractual agreement and cancellation policies of associates like airlines, hoteliers, transporters etc. The decision given by Travelvava.com on the quantum of refund according to the Cancellation Policy shall be final and will be paid directly to the guest.

·      As per GOI regulations any refund from Travelvava.com for both, Indian or International tours will be paid only in Indian rupees by A/C payee cheque/ NEFT/RTGS, even if guest has made the tour payment partly or fully in foreign currency. 

·    Refund is always processed in the name of the family head marked on the booking form or in case of ad-hoc/corporate group it may be in the name of the institution/company who made the payment on behalf of the group. 

·      Travelvava.com is not liable to pay any interest on the tour amount paid by the guest/s.

·      Convenience Charge for the payments made by Credit Card, Debit Card, Online Transfer etc., is non-refundable. 

·      Tax Collected at Source (TCS) for international tours is non-refundable as it is deposited with the income tax department and recorded on guest’s registered PAN. TCS once paid cannot be reversed, however can be claimed by the guest while filing their annual Income Tax Returns.

·      In case of force majeure/uncontrollable situation Travelvava.com reserves the right to levy non-refundable ‘tour transfer charge’ or ‘service charge’ for standalone service.  

·      When tour price includes visa fee and if Consulate/ VFS/ embassy procedure requires visa fee payment directly by the guest, then visa fee reduction will be given at the time of booking or will be refunded within 7 working days of submission of visa payment receipt by the guest. 

·      When tour price includes visa fee and guest holds a valid visa for the tour, they are required to submit the visa copy at the time of booking to avail the reduction of the visa fee. In case of unforeseen circumstances if tour reschedules then guest will have to get the visa done according to the new schedule and bear the costs of the same.


Accommodation on Tour

General: Accommodation provided on the tour depends on the category of the tour/package, in resorts, hotels, houseboats, tents, camps, dormitory, hostels, cruise, train, coach etc. Suggested names of the hotels/type of accommodation mentioned in the tour program are always subject to availability and may be accommodated in different hotels/ type of accommodation depending on the capacity and availability at the destination. 

Room Type/ Category:

·      Generally, the rooms are twin/double or single bedded and extra bed (if needed) is provided in the form of a mattress on the floor. Guests can upgrade the room to suite/family room/specific view room etc. subject to availability by paying an additional cost.

Check-In and Check-Out Time:      

·      It is a common practice amongst hotels in India and around the world that check-in time for travelers is 2 pm and check-out time is 12 Noon.  Guests should be aware that even if we reach the destination early in the morning, we cannot check-in to the hotel and in that case we will try to complete one or more sightseeing/s before check-in. 

·      If individual guests on their own want to check-in early or check-out late, s/he can request the same and avail it subject to availability by paying an additional charge. 

·      Certain accommodation types may ask for a credit card/ security deposit at check-in, which is refundable at check-out subject to the utilization of services by the guests.

Room Sharing:

Single (solo) guest sharing a room with other guest will have to abide by the room sharing policy of Travelvava.com, which is sent on the guests registered email ID upon booking the tour. Any issues such as misunderstanding between room sharing partners, damage/loss of personal items or hotel property etc. is the sole responsibility of the sharing partner/s and must be resolved between them. Any room sharing partner resorting to harmful/unhygienic/intolerable behaviour will be compelled to take a separate room immediately on tour by paying additional single occupancy room charge.


Children Sharing Room with Parents: For the convenience and comfort on tour, it is recommended that a family of three should opt for a double room with extra mattress and a family of four should opt for two rooms. On international as well as on Indian tours, most of the hotels do not allow four people in one room for safety reasons. 


Damage Caused to Property: Any damages caused to the hotel rooms or its contents during the stay, shall be borne by the guest and has to be paid immediately or before check-out. If guests find any pre-existing damage in the room, it should be immediately brought to the notice of the hotel staff and/or Travelvava.com Tour Manager. Travelvava.com is not responsible for such losses in any form or liable to pay any charges. 

Accommodation Facilities:

·      Accommodation facilities like parking, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, gymnasium, spa, salon, swimming pool, sport and entertainment activities, child care/play centre, meeting room, business centre, travel desk, doctor on call, lift/elevator, porter, laundry, internet, Wi-Fi, telephone, mini bar, alcoholic beverages, paid television channels, air conditioners, in-room safe & amenities, room service etc. may be available depending on the type of the tour or destination, and will differ from property to property.  All these facilities may or may not be available on complimentary basis and guests must check before availing the same. Any charges upon use of such facility must be paid directly to the hotel by the guest.   

·      Travelvava.com shall not be liable for any disruption of any of the services, facilities and amenities offered at the hotel or accommodation type as well as deficiency in service including unprofessional behaviour of hotel staff as it does not come under the direct purview of Travelvava.com.

Meals :

·    Meals on tour are served as pre-set menus as written in the itinerary/tour program at few places on tour.  In a group tour special meal/diet request can be accommodated to a limited extent only, and if informed at the time of booking. Such guests should carry their own dry snacks, because at certain locations their special requests cannot be fulfilled.  Any missed meal due to any personal reason of the guest will not be substituted or compensated. 

·      While we endeavour to select good quality restaurants for meals, we do not have a direct control over their operations in terms of food, hygiene, sanitation facilities etc., and Travelvava.com is not responsible for any deficiency in the quality and service of the same. No complaints/ claims in this respect shall be entertained.


Tour Manager/s

·      Travelvava.com’s Tour Managers accompany the guests on group tour from the first day to the last day of the tour as mentioned in the itinerary. To make the tour most enjoyable, guests are advised to follow the instructions given by the Tour Manager regarding tour schedule, safety precautions, clothing, things to carry, meals, sightseeing information, local etiquette, do’s and don’ts etc. Tour Manager is not responsible for any instructions ignored/overruled by the guest/s and its consequences.

·      Though the Tour Managers are at the service of the guests on tour, they are not responsible for any theft/loss/damage to guest’s personal belongings and any injury or accident caused to the guest. amend the following

Guest(s) Participation in the Tour

·      Guests should be mentally as well as physically fit and should consult their physician before joining the tour. Differently abled guests should check the facilities available at the destination prior to booking the tour and must be accompanied by the family member.

·      The safety and well-being of all guests on the group tour is our priority, any guest who poses a threat to the tour companions and is found unfit to participate in any sightseeing or to continue the tour will be restricted from joining the sightseeing and/or will be compelled to discontinue the tour at his own cost and responsibility.

·      All expenses regarding any medical aid provided will be borne by the guest. 

·      Guests should keep in mind and exercise caution as some tours include rough terrain, extensive walking sometimes over cobblestone streets, uneven pavements, steps, hill climb and/or locations which may not be easily accessible and ensure they are physically fit to participate in any included or optional outdoor/adventure activity. Travelvava.com will not be responsible for any injury, accident or mishap occurred due to the same. 

Travel Documents

It shall be the sole responsibility of the User to ensure they are in possession of valid travel documents such as identity proof, passport, visa (including transit visa) etc. to undertake the travel and that the information provided by Travelvava.com regarding the travel documents is only advisory in nature and can’t be considered conclusive. The User shall ensure checking the requirements of travel with the respective airlines of the respective jurisdictions the User may transit through or choose to visit.


Accuracy and authenticity of the information provided by the guest:            

·      Guest/s must ensure that all the information and documents provided by them are accurate, true, current and complete in all respects as we rely on the information and will proceed with all tour formalities on the basis of the same and incorrect information may lead to amendments or cancellation of the tour, the cost incurred for the amendment and/or loss due to cancellation will have to be borne by the guest. As per the immigration/customs/ government/ community laws, guests are not allowed to possess or carry any illegal or restricted items such as narcotic drugs, weapons, ammunition, explosives etc. and if found, it will lead to discontinuation of the tour and guest may have to face legal action whatsoever it may be according to the law of the land.

·      Guests should follow Tour Manager’s instructions and maintain punctuality. Any missed sightseeing or service due to any delay on guest’s part will be the sole responsibility of the guest and any expense or loss incurred due to the same, will have to be borne by the guests. 

·      While on tour it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of private as well as public property, any expense or penalty incurred due to the damage caused by the guest/s (knowingly or unknowingly) to the hotel property/ aircraft/ train/ cruise/ coach/ sightseeing attraction etc., will have to be borne by the guest/s and is to be settled immediately. 

·     Any inconvenience faced by the guest/s on tour should be immediately brought to the notice of the Tour Manager so that a solution can be sought from the concerned officials wherever possible.

·      Guests should be aware that during their participation in the tours operated by Travelvava.com, certain risks and dangers may arise beyond our control, including but not limited to: the hazards of traveling in undeveloped areas with narrow roads, ghats, low oxygen levels; travel by boat/train/aircraft etc; forces of nature; political unrest; acts of unlawfulness or terrorism; differing levels of sanitation, safety; risks associated with water, air, fire, food, plants, insects and accident or illness in areas lacking means of rapid evacuation or medical facilities; acts of national and local governments and unrest and acts of others against governments. These risks are not an exhaustive list but are examples of many kinds of risks. You are voluntarily participating in these activities with the knowledge that there are significant dangers involved, and you hereby agree to accept any and all risks. 

·      If the guest/s do not wish to or not allowed to visit a country or part of a country intended to be visited because of any law, condition or requirement of any governmental authority then these guests are solely responsible for any missed visit, loss, damage, costs incurred etc. and Travelvava.com will not be liable for any refund, compensation or consequences.

·      As lawful consideration for the agreement with Travelvava.com to participate in the tour, you agree that you will not make any claim against Travelvava.com, its group companies or its personnel or sue for bodily injury, emotional trauma, death, property loss or damage etc. however caused. 

·      We suggest every guest to get insured before joining the tour. In case of any accident or incident leading to insurance claim, guest will have to directly communicate with the insurance company and provide necessary documents asked for the claim settlement. Any grant or rejection of the claim will be solely the decision of the insurance company and Travelvava.com will not be responsible for the same. Any dispute arising about adequacy of settlement amount or rejection of claim should be directly dealt with the insurance company by the guests. 

·      Airlines, cruises, trains are imposing stricter baggage policies with restrictions on size and weight, hence guests are advised to travel light with small bags which are easy to carry on their own.  Guest/s shall pay the porter charge or tip directly if any such service is availed by the guest/s at the train stations, airports, cruise terminals, immigration points, hotels or at any other place.

·      Any friends, relatives or colleagues visiting guests on tour are not allowed to utilize any service unless they have taken prior permission and paid for the same in advance. Such admission or permission will be subject to availability.

·      This agreement though entered on your behalf, also binds the heirs, assigns and legal representatives.

·      Money to carry along:  guests should carry money for their personal expenses, shopping, optional sightseeing, local delicacies, beverages, additional facilities offered by the hotel/resorts etc. and also for any emergency due to medical reason or unforeseen/force majeure situations.


Liabilities and Responsibilities of Travelvava.com

·      Though the company takes utmost precaution to ensure the smooth operation of the tour, it has no control over the operations and the running of these service providers. Thus, in case of any issues faced by the guests at the time of availing the service (which is the sole responsibility of the service provider), Travelvava.com shall not be responsible or liable for compensation of any kind of operational inefficiency, misrepresentations, acts, omissions, errors, warranties, breaches or negligence on part of any service provider.

·      Travelvava.com will not be liable for provision of medical care or the adequacy of any care that may be rendered in case of medical emergency or accident, and is not responsible for such risks and dangers that may arise beyond our control. 

·      Any gesture of courtesy extended by Travelvava.com towards guest/s in case of any force majeure/unforeseen situation to minimize the impact, loss or damage, will not constitute as an admission of such liability or a waiver. 

·      Travelvava.com reserves the right to correct any mistake in tour price and re-invoice the guest even if the booking is made and confirmed, however if s/he disagrees and wishes to withdraw the booking and conveys the same immediately within 48 hours of the notification of such error, then the booking will be cancelled and advance paid by the guest will be refunded within 10 working days.

·      For any withdrawal from the tour for whatsoever may be the reason, Cancellation Policy will be applicable. Company is not liable for any losses incurred by its guests in their personal capacity and hence have no liability relating to any loss of job/business/occupation/contract/ interruption/loss of business opportunity etc.

 Travelvava.com Website

·      The Website is for the use of guest/s to access the information regarding booking tickets, hotels, tour packages, etc. We have made every effort to make the information as accurate as possible while updating the Website, however we cannot be held responsible for any typographical error/s arising from unforeseen circumstances, we make no representations, warranties or guarantees, whether expressed or implied, that the content on our Website is accurate, complete or up-to-date. In any event, our Website content is only valid at the time it is downloaded, and may change on a subsequent visit to our Website. 

·     Maps used on the Website or on any promotional medium are indicative and not actual and not to scale. Photographs and descriptions of locations/attractions/hotels etc. are merely representative of conditions that existed at time of updating the Website, creating the brochure, publishing advertisement etc. and conditions may differ at the time of your journey. Guests should read, understand, accept and then only book the tour or package.   

·      Travelvava.com Website may have a third party product/service and a link of such third party to these are provided on our Website.  Guests should be aware that the access to these links is voluntary and does not indicate that we are endorsing, sponsoring or recommending such product/service/Website. Guests should check the Terms and Conditions and review the Privacy Policies of these Websites before submitting any personal data to them. The quality, safety and operations of the same is at the discretion of the third party and Travelvava.com will not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury sustained by the guest as a result of availing such products/ services advertised by the third parties on the Website.

·      Our Terms and Conditions, grant a limited right to use this Website as expressly permitted hereinabove. The Website content such as itineraries, articles, texts, images, designs, logos, appearance and layout of the Website are owned by Travelvava.com and user agrees not to interrupt, copy, exchange, modify, sell or transmit anything from the Website for any commercial or public purpose or tamper with the website by introducing viruses, trojans, worms, or other material which are malicious/technologically harmful or to attempt to gain unauthorized access to our Websites/the server on which our Websites are stored. Any such breach under the ‘Information Technology Act’ will lead to immediate ceasing of Website access/server and lead to legal/criminal proceedings.

·      Travelvava.com reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate the access to the Website and the services offered on the same or any portion thereof at any time for general maintenance or to make improvements/changes or any other reason whatsoever without any prior notice.

Copyright and Browsing Licence

·      Guests acknowledge that all copyright, designs, database rights, trademarks, patents and all other intellectual property and material rights relating to our Website is and remains our sole and absolute property.  You are granted no right, licence or interest in or to our Website content or any intellectual property rights in it.  You are not allowed to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, publish, transfer or sell any of our Website content or use our Website for any commercial purpose, including any advertising or advertising revenue generation activity on your Website or any other medium from your end.

·      As a guest, you have been granted a browsing licence which gives you a permission to download and run the pages of our Website that we make accessible to you, in a web browser and to store/copy/print the same provided that you are doing so as a guest for the purpose of your travel. Travelvava.com reserves the right to terminate the said rights if any misuse is observed. 


The name, logos, symbols, slogans, trademarks, service marks displayed on Travelvava.com Website or any promotional material at any of the Travelvava.com sales offices etc. is an intellectual property of Travelvava.com.  It is protected under laws and cannot be reproduced, copied, used either alone or in conjunction or combination with other trademarks, logos or otherwise in any manner which may be confusing or misleading.  Any unauthorized use of the same, without the prior written permission and consent of Travelvava.com, will be in violation of the applicable laws and it will lead to an appropriate legal action.


Information concerning Travelvava.com or any of its group companies, their employees, partners, associates, agents, guests/customers or others whose data is collected, stored, or processed is the property of Travelvava.com and is confidential except for the necessary disclosures required by the law and for the proceedings of the tour.

General Terms

·      Changes in Terms and Conditions: We may timely revise the ‘Terms and Conditions’ without prior notice to you. These changes will be updated by publishing the new version on our Website. You are expected and should check these terms each time you visit our Website, to keep track of and be aware of any changes or updates. By continuing to use our Website after any such revision, you will be considered to have accepted the updates too. Latest updated ‘Terms and Conditions’ will override all previously sent/published Terms and Conditions. 

·      No person other than the company, in writing, has the authority to vary, add, amplify or waive any stipulation, representation of these ‘Terms and Conditions’. Any assurance given by any Employee/s and the Agent/s shall have no effect or consequence.  

·      Enforceability: Should any of these Terms and Conditions be held invalid, that invalid provision shall be construed to be consistent with the applicable law, and in a manner so as to remain consistent with the original intent of Travelvava.com. Provisions not otherwise held invalid shall remain in force.

·      Jurisdiction: This Agreement is subject to interpretation as per the laws of India. All disputes pertaining to the tour/ package/ service and any unresolved dispute/ claim arising therein shall be subject to the Court of Jurisdiction at Cochin (India) only.

·      Complaint Procedure & Consumer Protection: If any guest has a query, concern or problem during their booking process or holiday then they should immediately inform Tour Manager present on tour or Contact 9526164164 or write to care@travelvava.com quoting their booking reference number and all relevant information. Any unresolved issue, must be brought to our notice within 30 days after completion of the tour/service. Travelvava.com will try to resolve the same on priority, however timeline for the same will depend on the factors involved in it. Any claims made after 30 days of completion of the tour will not be considered by Travelvava.com.

·    Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution: Travelvava.com is committed to participating in a consumer-friendly dispute resolution process. The guest and Travelvava.com each retain the right to seek relief in small claims court [Cochin] as an alternative to arbitration. At least 30 days prior to filing a complaint against each other, Travelvava.com and the guest/s each agree to notify the other party of the dispute in writing and attempt in good faith to negotiate an informal resolution. Guests must send the said notice to ‘Travelvava.com, 32/2471 B, Opp BPCL Petrol Pump, Palarivattom, Cochin, Kerala, India.’ Travelvava.com will send its notice of dispute to the registered email address of the guest. If the parties are unable to resolve the dispute within the 60-day period, only then may either party commence legal proceedings by filing a written Complaint at the Consumer Redressal Commission or the Court of Law with jurisdiction in Cochin.

·    Indemnification: The guests shall hold Travelvava.com fully indemnified and harmless in case any suit, action, application, revision, writ petition, execution proceedings, claim, demand or any other legal proceedings are initiated against Travelvava.com due to any action/s of the guest. Guest/s also agree to indemnify Travelvava.com against all third-party claims, actions, damages and remedies which may be brought against us in respect of their participation in the operation of the tour.

·      Disclaimer of Warranties: You expressly agree that your use of, or inability to use, the service is at your own risk. All products and services delivered to you through the Website are  provided 'as is' and 'as available' for your use without any representation, warranties or conditions of any kind, either express or implied, including all implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, durability, title, and non-infringement. And also it does not warrant that your use of our service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free and the results that may be obtained from the use of the service will be accurate or reliable.