Food and Drink

Though food is about much more than just taming one’s appetite. For many of us, dining is more than a necessary procedure. Food is one of the easiest ways to express your opinion and show your values. One the one hand, you can make a statement by choosing organic, vegetarian, local or Fair Trade food. You may also boycott food from certain countries or boycott certain brands. One the other hand, you might choose to buy the cheapest food available and in that manner show that you are not interested in what you eat.

            Food is entertainment. The amount of cooking shows and food related TVshows have exploded during the last decade. Food is to a larger extent than earlier an everyday topic in newspapers and magazines, and being a celebrity cook become a normal title. Food is business. Multinational food corporations, food industrialism, health products, losing weight, restaurant business, bonus card systems, agriculture and food development are huge economical factors. And for most of us, food is a compilation to all of these things and it’s combined in one simple question: “What should I eat today?”