Family Travel

One common theme mentioned by families that travel together is their friendship. It’s not necessary for survival but it is one of those things which adds value to all this. Without the infrastructure of daily life, where the cycle of nagging about getting up, putting shoes on or away, picking wet towels up, eating properly, doing homework and cleaning teeth shape every day, being out in the world gives you the space to remind each other how much you love each other. And, in doing so, you get to remember that you do – which is a pleasure.

    Travel puts you in situations that grow a mutual respect, an equality, trust and honesty. To travel well you end up developing an open communication, and discard standard disciplinary approaches to evolve a more respectful guiding process, and inspire growth. Away from the constraints and grinding expectations of daily life, travel lets you create happiness, security and optimism – all the things you have worked so hard in life for yourself.